"All Things Horror pulls out the macabre and twists it into something worse... something more sinister... it makes your worst nightmares seem tame. All Things Horror is fantastic edition to the online quest to spread horror like a brush fire!"

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Here you will find a complete index of the three Horror Reviews pages of All Things Horror, including the names of all the movies. The site was designed to make searching for your favorite review easier. ENJOY!


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How did it all start? Find out here! This section tells you everything you could ever want to know and more about All Things Horror and how it came to be the monster it is today!


This is a series of pages that are dedicated to exploring the psychos that inspire horror films. The Real Killers Files are avalible in a paperback version which you can get by e-mailing a request to the webmaster. Must be 18 to enter. ATH:RK Files is the sickest section of All Things Horror, enter at your own risk.

The Asylum is a section of psycho poetry and horror madness. Here you will find twisted tales, the webmonster's sickest dreams, and rants of lunitics. Basically the Asylum is our Dark Poetry corner. If you would like to donate something to the Asylum, please send it to the webmonster at neocrow@myway.com


The newest section of All Things Horror, here you will find pics that have been donated to All Things Horror. The Pics Archive got so big that the site was getting shut down for 24hrs at a time. This page was our solution. You gotta check this out. (Page Inspired by Chris Almazan)

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