We all have heard of John Wayne Gacy: The Clown Killer and what he has done. Now, let's see the ALL THINGS HORROR spin on this nut-bag.
In the 1770's, John Wayne Gacy Jr. was a well respected business man who devoted much of his spare time to entertaining at children's hospitals dressed as a clown. He was a beloved by the community and seen as a real family's man. Gacy was well known for hosting partys for his friends and neighbors that were very popular and much anticipated. All together, he seemed like a fine man who worked hard to make his town the best it could be. Now for the otherside of the coin. Gacy was a bisexual serial killer with an unsatiable lust for rape and murder.

Gacy the Kidnapper/Murderer/Rapest:

One of the few of Gacy's Victims to live, Jeffrey Ringall, was taken for a ride that would change his life on May 22, 1978. A heavy set man pulled up next to him one night on the street and asked him if he wanted to get high and ride around. Ringall accepted, and was smothered with a chloroform-soaked rag, untill he passed out. He later awoke to find him self surrounded by kinky sexual toys and being held captive by the, now naked, heavy set man. The man told Ringall of how he was going to use the sex toys on him and did so. Ringall was raped, beaten, drugged, and tortured that night. He later woke up to find himself fully clothed in Lincoln Park and suprised to be alive. He didn't know how lucky he was. Durring a three year period, Gacy viciously raped, tortured and murdered over thirty young men whos bodies were found in his floor boards at a later date.

Gacy's Childhood

Gacy had a pretty normal childhood by most accounts, with the acception of the fact that his father was an alcoholic who frequently abused his children physically, verbally, and mentally. Gacy was not especially popular in school but did have friends and was well liked by the teachers. He was a member of boyscouts and worked in a grocery store.
At the age of 11, Gacy recieved an accidental head injury which caused a blood clot that would go un diagnosed untill he was 16. Durring that time he experienced blackouts that ended when the blood clot was found and desolved via medication. When Gacy was 17, he was diagnosed with a heart ailment. The specifics of the ailment could not be determined. Although Gacy was in and out of hospitals most of his teen years, he never really suffered any heart attacks.
Gacy had a strong relationship with his sister and mother, though his relationship with his father was lacking. After the death of his father, Gacy regreted never getting as close to his father as he would have liked.

Gacy's Educational/ Professional Life

Although Gacy dropped out of highschool his senior year and never graduated, he later enrolled in a business collage in the early 1960's. He had found his nitche. Gacy could sell an arab sand. He soon became the manager at a men's clothing store in Springfield, Illinois. He joined many community programs and was even named Jaycee's first vise-president "Man of the Year". Durring this time he gained a large ammount of weight resulting in a spinal injury and more heart problems. Gacy never let his health problems get in the way of his Personal ambitions and activities. In 1973, Gacy met and married a co-worker by the name of Marlynn Myers. Gacy's wife's parents owned a chain of KFC restraunts in Iowa and Gacy was given the chance to move there to run one of them. He agreed. Once in Waterloo, Iowa, he worked 12 to 14 hrs a day and found himself very happy with what life he had. Soon after moving to Iowa, Marlynn gave birth to Gacy's son and then a daughter. Life looked pretty good for John Wayne Gacy Jr.

Things turning bad...

In 1968 a boy by the name of Mark Miller claimed that Gacy tied him up and forced him to have anal sex with Gacy. Gacy denied the accusations, saying that Miller wanted to have sex for money. Four months later, Gacy was charged with hiring an 18 year old to assult Miller at the rate of $300.00. The 18 year old carried out the assult but Miller got away and called the police. It was later determined that Gacy had hired the young man to do the beating. Gacy plead guilty to charges of sodomy and was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation, which determined that Gacy was sane, however anti-social, and that no medications or treatments could help him. Gacy was sentanced to 10 years, the maximum sentance. While in prision, his wife devorced him. Gacy got out on parole in 18 months on good behavior. He then headed back to his birth town of Chacigo. Gacy Moved in with his mother then out on his own again, making friends with his new neighbors. No one knew what Gacy had done and he hoped no one would find out. A few months later Gacy was charged with picking up a boy at a bus terminal and forcing him to preform sexual acts. Gacy got lucky when the boy failed to appear in court and Gacy was set free once again. Gacy soon re-married. His new wife's name was Carole Hoff. Carole knew of Gacy's past but believed that he was a changed man and would make a good provider for her two daughters. Gacy remained close with his neighbors and threw barbecue's and other large partys to entertain thoes close to him. The guests frequently complained to Gacy of the stench comming from the floor boards which Gacy dismissed as built up moisture under the crawl space under the old house. On one occasion over 300 guests attended his now ledgendary parties.

Gacy's Business

Gacy started his own business in 1974 hiring only young teenage boys to work for him. He told friends that the only reason for young male workers was to keep the price of labor down. The real reason was that he entended to suduce and engage in homosexual activities with his young workers. His urges to cause harm and pain were slowly comming to the surface and his wife saw it. In 1976 Carole filed for divorce. Gacy hoped for a future in politics and tried to impress local politicians by dressing as "Pogo the Clown" at children's hospitals and other charitable organizations. Gacy was still active in the community and molesting teenage boys throught the later part of the '70's. Shortly after complaining of not being paid for two weeks of work, one of Gacy's workers turned up missing. A short time later, Michael Bonnin who was 17 was on his way to catch a train, and was never seen again. After that, Billy Carroll, Jr., a trouble maker from the streets of Chacigo, also dissipeared. Gregory Godzik, another of Gacy's workers, dropped off his girlfriend. Later his car was found but he was not. Police soon came to Gacy's house to investigate a possible car theft (of one of Gacy's Victims), but Gacy had claimed that the boy had sold him the car. Police ran a background check on Gacy on a hunch and found out about his past sodomy arrest. They brought him in for questioning but could not hold him. Later Police obtained a search warrent and took many things from the Gacy home, most of which would be dammaging evidence in court. Although they did do a breif check of the crawl space below his home, The Police determined that the smell was from a suage problem and did not investigate enough to find the bodys that hid below. Later Police returned to search Gacys home and he admited to killing one man, but claimed it was in self-defense. He claimed to have hidden the body under his garage. The police first investigated a suspicious mound of dirt and found a body their in. When a medical examiner was called to the scene, he reconized the smell of rotting corpses and ordered the property to be treated as an archaeological site. Many, many more bodys would be found.

More and more bodys...

Apon further searching the crawl space, Police found more and more bodys with their socks or underware stuffed in their mouth. Gacy would later confess to killing atleast 30 people but not all of them were located on his residence. He confessed to keeping some of the bodies under his bed or in his attic untill he later decided to bury them. Three more bodies were found in the river near Gacy's house. Gacy aslo admitted to raping most if not all of his victims and usually intending to let them go, then changing his mind. One body was even found in the cement of his front porch. Over 31 victims were found in and around the Gacy home and police still don't know if that was all of them.

In Conclusion...

John Wayne Gacy is a name that every one knows. If not they should. A new movie came out for rental recently called "GACY". I have not seen it so I cannot comment on it. When I do see it you can look for a review. You have just read the facts of the Gacy case, All Things Horror style. Gacy died of leathal enjection.

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